New Year. 2011 WILL be my BITCH.

mkay. new years pretty much rocked. I got to do a little bit of djing. I suppose my favorite part of the night is when I snuck in my own song Elastic Buccaneer from the FX Whore – 187/140 album. Some hot ass girls were getting down to it.

I met 2 new dudes who were really in to House music. They said they really enjoyed my djing. They knew way more about the genre than I did. I don’t know why they are not making it, they would probably rock.

I had to work today. I got off at 7, but man, when your up till 5am, then you only get 4 hrs of sleep, it makes for a super long day! FUCK my feet hurt.

Picture0018 <—my tired face.

About Mr. Negative

I was talking to gandolph one day. He said this was a good idea. ^_^

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