Flashback Friday–Polygonic Shard–Even Though You Are Near, It Still Seems Like A Million Miles Away…

mmmkay. this song was written about a girl I had a crush on in highschool, but never had the nerve to tell. tuesday, may 22nd, 2001, 745pm this song was rendered.


Polygonic Shard – Even Though You Are Near , It Still Seems Like A Million Miles Away by Mr. Negative


Its very lofi. This was back in the day where I didn’t have good samples, had no idea how to mix, didn’t know what mastering was, and had no music theory. I still don’t have any music theory, but I know all those other things now lol. Back then, if I couldn’t make stuff fit together, I just made it all sound very lofi so all the sounds would blend together. Hate it or Love it, it did describe my emotions at the time.

About Mr. Negative

I was talking to gandolph one day. He said this was a good idea. ^_^

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