What up Negas! It’s time for the Negative News!

I’ve been involved in a few projects including shooting a music video for my upcoming album “Dark Star” called “sHaDeS oF nEgAtIvE.

I want this album to be a masterpiece so I’m going to have to delay its release by a month or two. To make up for this I will be releasing 2 unreleased tracks from the negative vaults.

Also I’ve made a few songs with

my bro Havedumbluck. Were creating stuff under the name Mad Scientists. We have a video for our upcoming song Batman – I Am The Batman (feat Robin). This video is hilarious. Its going to be released tomorrow. (12-08-2012).

It sucks that I have to delay my album a little but I promise its going to be well worth the wait. I need to explore other creative oppurtunities to get inspiration.


Shades of Negative will be a free download when the video is released.

About Mr. Negative

I was talking to gandolph one day. He said this was a good idea. ^_^

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