Mr. Negative – Dark Star

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The album is finally here!!!!

Written, Produced, Performed and Mixed in Negative Land by Richard Collins.
Mastered by Prophecy Mastering.

Special Thanks Go To (in no particular order) : Chemon Velazquez, Michelle Larson, Davian Pagan, Idris Kennedy, Kendra Kleinfelt, Brandom Whitmier, Stephanie Lindsey, Tanya Nisi, Scott Maahs, Jamison Maahs, Matthew Calder, Anita Calder, Shaun Bloodsworth, Jackee Bloodsworth, Rion Smith, Erica Hitchner, Derril Davis, Backstage Wolfman from Serpent Seven, Chase Parr, Scotty Cool, John-Phillip Rogers, and everyone that was nice enough to listen to an “awesome” beat i made while producing this album, and most importantly, my Mom.

If I forgot anybody don’t fret. My fans and friends mean the world to me.


Album Review by Erica

My love affair with electronic music has been a bit rocky as of late, so when I first heard Mr. Negative’s  new album, Dark Star, it felt like rekindling an old flame. I was craving something fresh, and Mr. Negative’s new sound gave me just what I needed.

“Weeping Wonder Land” is a great way to kick off a stellar album and to draw the listener in. Upon first listen, I liked this track straight away, and was pleasantly surprised when I found that several tracks on the album were even better. Although “Static Kingdom,” “Time to Die,” and the album’s debut track, “Shades of Negative” are by far the strongest tracks on the album, all of them are important. When listening to all the tracks in sequence, it takes you on a journey into dupstep space, and an artistic storynunfolds. “Vektor 9” wasn’t my favorite at first, but the Dark Star story would be incomplete without it; it grew on me after the second listen. The album’s concluding track, “Nocturnal Submission” is a bit of a new sound for Mr. Negative, but it’s a well delivered ending to the album, and a cool song to listen to when you’re feeling a bit mellow. “Nocturnal Submission” was a great addition to my “Just Chilling” playlist.

 Over all a great album; if you’re tired of the same electronic sounds that are done over and over, Dark  Star is the new sound you’re looking for!

About Mr. Negative

I was talking to gandolph one day. He said this was a good idea. ^_^

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