Interview With Prophecy Mastering

My mastering engineer from Prophecy Mastering interviewed me for a class he is taking. Here is the exclusive interview.

Interview with Mr. Negative:

What is your musical style?

Organized Chaos.

What is chaotic in your music, and how do you organize it?

The creation process is chaotic. I never go in with a set melody. I just program and add things till it starts to take shape. Then I organize it…”SET” melody or idea. Plus I have a lot of street rap influences in musical style pertaining to triplets to give it a swing. Whether it be on hi-hats or synth. It’s hard for me to show people what I do because of how sparatic I work.

What are your philosophies on life?

I treat my friends like family and I don’t judge people based on silly differences. I try to accept everybody for who they are, but if someone crosses me they can easily be written off, and its super hard to come back to “friend zone”. I always treat people like I want to be treated.

So, you could say that your philosophies are equality based and break off into things like honor. If you get dishonored, you disown them as family. A sort of a very severe equality. Mutual respect or none.


What are your personal attributes and style?

Always be a good host. I like to stand out. I’d say my dress is hip-hop with a touch of goth. Usually basketball shorts, some sorta novelty tee shirt and a bandanna. How I portray myself to others is always making jokes and trying to make people laugh. If I can use my dark sense of humor to make someone smile, I’m happy.

So, your style is like seriously fun.

If your not having fun, what’s the point?

What is your vision of yourself?

I’m a horror/SciFi geek who will never “grow up”. People don’t really know what to expect when they meet me. I am often enjoying life’s geekier things, but I am able to hold conversations with all walks of life easily. My vision of myself is awesome mixed with more awesome who gets shy around pretty girls. (Laughs) I like to explore the line between noise and music.

What are your goals?

My goal is to be able to make enough money to survive by my music alone and to have a decent sized fan base. The kinda fans that buy whatever you put out without question because they trust you and know you make a good product. To reach the 8th album and have “The Engineer” explained to everyone. I don’t wanna be some club DJ either…I wanna do events. Its a whole show when you see me perform live…

What do you think makes you “special?”

Psshh I have no idea. The fact that I’m comfortable with my individuality. I don’t need to fit in to fit in. And I’m self taught. Nobody showed me how to do 90 percent of the things I do musically. I have an understanding of patterns in music and music theory without really knowing music theory, and I can program all day, but I can’t read sheet music. The experience of releasing my first album using current software with a PC that was too old that I had to do work-arounds the entire album taught me how to overcome limitations. I also learned to mix in an untreated room which ultimately pushed me to establish a good mental reference. All I gotta do is listen to a few tunes in a new room and my mind adjusts accordingly.

You can peep Prophecy Mastering here. He’s the only dude who touches my music.

About Mr. Negative

I was talking to gandolph one day. He said this was a good idea. ^_^

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