Climate Change

First of all I hate the term “global warming”. It is way too catchy sounding.  When I hear this term I immediately think of the word “agenda”.

In my opinion global warming is an agenda to win (or lose) and make money during the process. In reality we should be teaming up to form a Voltron to kick this problems ass. If we keep fighting nobody will win.

If there is indeed more sunrays hitting the earth, why aren’t we investing in solar energy. To me, this makes sence. We can turn the negative we have unknowingly created in to a positive.

We could potentially cool down the earth with the sun’s rays and that would be amazing. Think of the possibilities.  We could possibly invent a solar powered air conditioner that cools the earth so Florida isn’t so fucking hot.


About Mr. Negative

I was talking to gandolph one day. He said this was a good idea. ^_^

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