Hand Written Blog – EP 1 – Presets

Mr. Negative’s Hand Written Blog
Episode 1 – Presets

I write this now as i watch cabin fever. part 3 i think. patient zero was the tagline. The movie, however is not important. My thoughts are. I only wanted to paint a picture of my typical scotch fueled Friday night.

I am currently pretty fucked up as i write this. Tonight when i got home i made bufffalo wings and worked out
as i watched and old episode of ECW. Extreme Championship Wrestling.

After dinner i was watching tv an ephimamy. epiphany . whatever.

Their is not enough analog in this digital world. This thought stems fropm my current use of analog musical instruments.
Digital is great. Don’t get me wrong.

I do not hate “Digtial” music. I could namem a few artists who have perfected this craft. Todays music has become bland
due to the fact that it is too easy to create. The manual for my archaic mc-303 is over 150 pages. Its difficult to program,
but their is a certain magic too it.

There is no instant gratification.It can take hours upon hours to figure something out. I’ve spent many a night ready to rip my hair out trying to figure something out within the machine.With computers comes instant gratification. I am in no way saying that computers are bad. They are indeed amazing. A certain element of music is lost, if i want to sound like Skrillex and have 30 bucks to spend on some presets I can do so.

Speaking of Skrillex. I don’t get the hate. I am not a fan, but he didn’t ruin dubstep. The fans did.

I spend hours playing with my software and hardware. Not only is it fun, i get to learn how the instruments work.
Does this make me better than people who buy presets? the real answer is “no”, but my answer is YES.

—— mr. negative

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