About Mr. Negative

I was born July 16th, 1983. I’ve been making music for over 15 years now, though within the last few years I have gotten serious about selling my music. I’ve gone through various aliases over the years but Mr. Negative is my main project now, and most everything I release will be though Mr. Negative. I love analog equipment though I don’t use it in my music as much as I’d like. My MC-303 is the bomb.


My music is usually electronic of some sorts. The last 2 years I’ve focused mainly on dubstep (not because it was the trend but because i genuienly love the genre) but I’m also known to toss out a DNB or Techno track from time to time. If it were up to be, i’d be in my studio day after day making music. Its my passion. I love creating new synth sounds and making music from harsh sounds.


If you have any questions about me, email me at RipMrNegative@gmail.com and I will gladly respond, put your question up, give you a shout out, and answer it for the rest of the world to see on my site.

  1. Once upon a negative time, there was a negative world. In this negative world, grew negative things.

  2. And these negative things blew my mind. How do you not recieve more attention? Im a drummer and I have to give it to you, that is insanely nice flow.

    • I suppose its just not my time or I’m not ready yet. It will happen. I’m not gunna stop till someone sees the potential in me.

      • Well good sir, that potential has been noticed by me, and I bring as many friends/views as I can. Straighhttt up. Colorado is, in my opinion, the edm capital of America. I’ve been around the block, and you have more talent than 3/4 of ALL existing dj’s. My props go out to you, and I can not wait for purple murk. Much love.

  3. And uh, I said Colorado in that last comment because I live here. Which might explain why i forgot to mention that before haha, Can’t wait for the new album! The Demos you had on soundcloud a few weeks ago were sickk.

  4. Don’t feel bad about leaving analog in the dust. I hear it’s a lot more work and doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to.

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