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Mr. Negative – Strange Birds a Singing

a new tune for you to listen to!

Mr. Negative–Ahh Yeah Bologna Dj Mix 6000

the title pretty much says it all Smile

Mr. Negative – Ahh Yeah Bologna Dj MIX 6000 by Fx Whore

tomorrow I’m going to record the 4th song off my new album. I still don’t have a title for it. I was thinking of Underground Terror. so I thought I invented psystep, but I did some research from my phone today and psystep has a few pages to it already. but… theres no telling if its any good. my shit rocks in comparison.

michelle is here. time to go!

Foul Language Earthlings

Not every song in the world needs to be over 2 min to be good. Sometimes, its good for a song to leave you wanting more. Sometimes, a short song mind end up getting a few remixes. Sometimes unicorns fashion me a leather whip from their deceased cow friends.


life’s full of mystery.

Mr. Negative – Foul Language Earthlings by Fx Whore