Mr. Negative – Unorthadoxicon

Well my negas, the next episode of The Negaverse is here. This album is called “Unorthadoxicon”. Its basicly a mash up of “unorthadox” and “icon” because that is how I feel I am most times. This album is multigenre. It ranges from techno, ambient, dubstep, dnb, and their is even an amazing acoustic guitar track with my beats backing it (betrayal5 feat. psychosoundguy).

This 4th album, (3rd released via. digital distribution) tells more stories in the universe my imagination goes to that I’ve named The Negaverse. Each album we get closer to the 8th album to which we find out exactly who The Engineer is.

I ran in to one of my old teachers who is apart of a website called fandomania. Here is his review of the album.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Mr. Negative


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Hand Written Blog – EP 1 – Presets

Mr. Negative’s Hand Written Blog
Episode 1 – Presets

I write this now as i watch cabin fever. part 3 i think. patient zero was the tagline. The movie, however is not important. My thoughts are. I only wanted to paint a picture of my typical scotch fueled Friday night.

I am currently pretty fucked up as i write this. Tonight when i got home i made bufffalo wings and worked out
as i watched and old episode of ECW. Extreme Championship Wrestling.

After dinner i was watching tv an ephimamy. epiphany . whatever.

Their is not enough analog in this digital world. This thought stems fropm my current use of analog musical instruments.
Digital is great. Don’t get me wrong.

I do not hate “Digtial” music. I could namem a few artists who have perfected this craft. Todays music has become bland
due to the fact that it is too easy to create. The manual for my archaic mc-303 is over 150 pages. Its difficult to program,
but their is a certain magic too it.

There is no instant gratification.It can take hours upon hours to figure something out. I’ve spent many a night ready to rip my hair out trying to figure something out within the machine.With computers comes instant gratification. I am in no way saying that computers are bad. They are indeed amazing.¬†A certain element of music is lost, if i want to sound like Skrillex and have 30 bucks to spend on some presets I can do so.

Speaking of Skrillex. I don’t get the hate. I am not a fan, but he didn’t ruin dubstep. The fans did.

I spend hours playing with my software and hardware. Not only is it fun, i get to learn how the instruments work.
Does this make me better than people who buy presets? the real answer is “no”, but my answer is YES.

—— mr. negative

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Mr. Negative – Acid Jam 2014

korg volca bass and roland mc-303 abstract jam

the title says it all. this is me playing around with my new korg volca bass. i have the volca hooked up to a mini kaossilator for the chorus effect.

Climate Change

First of all I hate the term “global warming”. It is way too catchy sounding.  When I hear this term I immediately think of the word “agenda”.

In my opinion global warming is an agenda to win (or lose) and make money during the process. In reality we should be teaming up to form a Voltron to kick this problems ass. If we keep fighting nobody will win.

If there is indeed more sunrays hitting the earth, why aren’t we investing in solar energy. To me, this makes sence. We can turn the negative we have unknowingly created in to a positive.

We could potentially cool down the earth with the sun’s rays and that would be amazing. Think of the possibilities.  We could possibly invent a solar powered air conditioner that cools the earth so Florida isn’t so fucking hot.


Mr. Negative – VLOG 6

New Shirt

new shirt for the new album “unorthadoxicon”


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Mr. Negative – Trvl4

Mr. Negative – Vlog – Episode 04 – Accept Me As One Of Your Own Please